“Unsavory Delicacies” by Russell Brooks

Unsavory DelicaciesUnsavory Delicacies by Russell Brooks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Three short stories combined into one quick read makes this trilogy best served cold. All puns aside, these short stories provide the reader an introduction to the writing profile of Russell Brooks, albeit a darker side of him. Readers have generally compared his works to Robert Ludlum in many regards, especially in the genres of suspense and thriller. There is no doubt about it – Brooks has a fan base and knows how to keep them pleased. Brooks asked me to take a read at his newest book, The Demeter Code, after whetting my feet with this brief concoction.

Each tale therein focuses in on a different tale with a different cast – all revolving around the impending act of revenge. As far as giving away spoilers, that is as much as I can provide. What I can share with you is that even though some of the tales were a bit dark for my taste, Brooks did an excellent job spinning the web of revenge in each tale. An earlier work of his, this book feels more introductory to a growing craft for Brooks, and shows only promise for future creative works that he will no doubt deliver in a crowd-pleasing manner.

I give this book four stars – while it is definitely enthralling, this book feels more like a novice encounter with writing, allowing the reader to wander too much into details that ultimately have no impact in the end, which very well could have book Brooks’ original intent, as an act of suspense, to let the reader feel unknowing about where the tale intends to go.

At 99¢, this book is a nice and quick read to enter Brooks’ fictional world. Just don’t read it right before bed…

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