“The Valley of the Dry Bones” by Jerry B. Jenkins

The Valley of the Dry BonesThe Valley of the Dry Bones by Jerry B. Jenkins
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Jerry Jenkins is well known for his fictional works about the end of the world, if Left Behind (the book series, not the movies) rings any bells. His works have typically been an engaging and enjoyable read, prompting excellent questions and investigations into eschatology. He is also known for his police series. This title, however, fits more into the former series. An apocalyptic work based off a drastic drought that utterly destroys the State of California, this book tells the story of a modern Ezekiel, facing a literal valley of dry bones.

Written in a style that is image-rich and, well, fairly depressing, this book crushes a parent’s soul in the first pages, and seeks to eradicate everyone else’s with the harsh environment that the sun has scorched. Jenkins has done it well, giving an amazing quality to the work that, while dark, promises to entertain readers who enjoy this genre. The work feels like a mix of Mad Max and Water World, presenting drastic scenarios that permit G-d to work in. Definitely containing a strong spiritual element, those who have enjoyed Jenkins’ other works will love this title, and anyone looking for a thrilling apocalyptic fiction will find a companion in this book.

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