“VeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift Ever” by Melinda L. R. Rumbaugh

VeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift EverVeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift Ever by Melinda L. R. Rumbaugh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a board book based on the revised VeggieTales and published by Worthy. Using colorful and playful artwork, the book tells the story of Christmas in typically VeggieTales watered-down fashion. Using rhyming prose, the book looks a different parts of Christmas, including the gift-giving and tree decorations. The book waits until the last two stanzas before approaching anything religious at all, and keeps with a simply declaration about the Messiah being born on Christmas Day, further promoting the falsehoods that tradition holds over reality. Those who like VeggieTales for its light-hearted content will appreciate this children’s story, but those looking for anything of religious value will be disappointed.

The book uses a simple rhyming technique that invites the reader in to enjoy the story. Easily read in less than five minutes, this book works great for the lightly-observant Christian looking for a quick bedtime read without much depth or thought to it. The book is priced fairly steeply with a MSRP of $7.99, which seems to be taking advantage of the VeggieTales branding. The eyes and artwork more closely resembles a modern feel to VeggieTales and not one of its classic era, yet still maintains the simplistic style of the “sweet and sour” shows. Overall, it is not that impressive of a book, and contributes very little, erring on what feels to be making money over producing quality content that will advance one’s faith or learning.

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