“Enemies of the Heart” by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley writes this excellent non-fiction Christian inspiriation/self-help book for everyone.

In this book, Stanley suggests that there are issues in the core of our hearts. Our actions need rectification, but behavior modification only covers up the issue at hand – our hearts are hurt, and need repair. Stanley uses life experiences, as well as medical discussion, to keep the issue alive, and cause a steady flow of interest for the reader. In the end, without getting the healing our hearts need, we will never experience the joy G-d calls us to. Imagine if you were tainted by divorce, left by a parent, or lost a child. Stanley navigates these emotional stressors, and helps readers become the person they need to be, not one of pain, but one of healing.

Andy Stanley is an excellent writer. This text has no real sticking points, and kept my attention throughout. I definitely recommend this book for everyone who has experienced life – it will help you grow and love more.

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