“Words To Live By” by Linda Gilden & Dalene Parker

Words To Live By: 52 Words that Lead to an Extraordinary LifeWords To Live By: 52 Words that Lead to an Extraordinary Life by Linda Gilden
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The notion that these authors set in the beginning of htis book is simply astounding. While I may be a deviation from the norm on these stats, the authors shared that men use over 7k words each day and women over 20k each day. That’s amazing! It then goes to simple logic to determine how to best utilize these words for benefit instead of harm. That is what this duo seeks to do with 52 words.

This book is best treated as a weekly and daily devotional. Each week is a different word with a short snippet on the goals of the week for the word. Following that are several “daily” components that break down the word into smaller devotionals, paired with Scripture and an anecdote. The goal? To motivate and encourage, build up and strengthen.

The writers do an excellent job at writing a motivational devotional based on 52 simple words to live by. Those who enjoy devotionals will love this title, and those who need to be lifted up for a year will find this book a perfect companion in that journey.

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