“Would a Worm Go on a Walk?” by Hannah C Hall

Would a Worm Go on a Walk?Would a Worm Go on a Walk? by Hannah C Hall
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Written by Hannah C. Hall and illustrated by Bill Bolton, this hardcover edition is a fun and colorful book. Filled with silliness and adorable illustrations, kids ages 3 to 8 will surely enjoy the work of art. The story asks silly questions that will make children giggle, then it presents the facts about each of its characters. The story’s true message, however, is that HaShem is the creator of all things big and small and each creature that HaShem has created has its place and purpose in this world, with mankind being HaShem’s truest masterpiece of them all.

This story is silly, heartwarming, educational, and fun, reminding those reading it the love HaShem has for us and His creation. Emphasizing on how special mankind is to HaShem out of all His creation, I would recommend this book to all families with children in the 3 to 8 age range. A fun way to teach children about some pretty cool insects and animals, as well as teach them how special they are in HaShem’s eyes, this book will quickly show how much He loves them, and just like the animals and insects, they too have a purpose and place in this world.

5 stars

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