“Zero-G” by William Shatner & Jeff Rovin

Zero-G: Book 1: A NovelZero-G: Book 1: A Novel by William Shatner
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This science fiction novel is written by none other than the lifelong actor and entrepreneur of science fiction, William Shatner. Shatner is best known for his portrayal of Captain Kirk in Star Trek and his role in the plane episode of The Twilight Zone.

As a Jewish individual, he has also attended many benefits and fundraising endeavors. As far as this book goes, however, he is well-accomplished in the field of writing, amassing several recognitions and awards for his craft. The notion of this book is simple, given the title of the book: a “G” man in Zero G. Taking place in space, the FBI patrols to help make all of the universe safer by stopping terrorism, crime, and corruption. The FBI is also tasked to observing the Chinese and Russian space stations. Director Samuel Lord, in this tale, faces an astronomical challenge: stop a potential attack that could kill many.

Shatner’s writing is very similar to his speaking style, and I can easily imagine his voice, alongside Jeff’s, writing this book. Looking deep into the personal thoughts and actions of the characters, the writing duo bring the stars alive with story. The technological advances in this future equal the marvel of space travel, challenging readers to enter a culture different than their own in many ways, yet still similar. Many will enjoy the work of William and Jeff, being transported into a crime drama meets science fiction possibility. As for me, I unfortunately allowed my own hype of reading Shatner’s work to build up too much anticipation, since I had not read any of his other works. As a result, I was gently disappointed when the writing style of this book did not engage me as well as I had hoped. Nonetheless, this book carries an authentic voice and will be of great enjoyment to many.

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